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Greenway offers coaching to entrepreneurs who are looking to launch, re-launch or expand their businesses. Coaching is available in packages or individual sessions depending on your objectives and stage of growth.


Launching a New Business: 8 Sessions


Do you have a great idea but need help getting your business started? This package is designed for new business owners and will take you through all the fundamentals. During eight working sessions with Catherine, you will analyze the various aspects of your business. Between each meeting, you will do the additional research needed to push you forward to the next steps. At the end of eight sessions, you will have completed your business and marketing plans a well as be on your way to launching your website and marketing materials.


Session 1-Big Picture: Get clear on what you want from your business. In this session, we will help identify your goals, objectives, mission, vision and values. 


Session 2-Market AnalysisKnowing the market is essential to competing effectively in your space. Who are your customers? What does your competition say about themselves? These are some of the initial questions we will examine and answer. 


Session 3-Products and Services: In this session, you will get very specific on what you are selling, your pricing and where/how you are going to sell your product.


Session 4-Building your Brand: Once you know the market and what you are selling, we will dig in on how you plan to differentiate yourself from the competition. What do you do better and why should customers purchase your product? There are some of the most pertinent questions for successful sales and marketing.


Session 5-Finance, Spending and Getting to Profitability: Business growth depends on your finances, upfront cash, margins and whether you want to plow any profits back into the business.


Session 6-Promotions Research: This session is all about marketing.  How are you going to reach your target audience? What vehicles do you want to use to promote yourself? What do they cost and how do you determine if they are working?


Session 7-Promotions Implementation: During this time, we will address the nuts and bolts of getting your website launched, posting on social media, advertising, word of mouth and any other vehicles available for your market. We will also look at how to generate content for these vehicles.


Session 8-Putting it all together! With this session, you will complete your business and promotions plan, determine launch schedule and pinpoint next steps and growth points. 

Marketing Your Business: 4 Sessions


For businesses that already have a product or service established and are looking to grow, this coaching package starts with marketing and gets very granular about promotions. 


Session 1-Market Analysis & Promotions Research: In this session, we do the background research needed to put a promotions plan together. Who are your customers? What is your competition like? How are you going to reach your target audience? What vehicles do you want to use to promote yourself? 


Session 2-Brand Assets and Creating Content: Does your business have all the visual and messaging assets you need to support your brand? If not, what should they be? Marketing today requires new content—images, writing, video, etc. This session will help you get started on messaging, brand consistency and having ready content.


Session 3-Website and Other Vehicles: Learn how to create your website or where to go to have someone do it for you. Set up your social media sites, and get connected with any providers you may need to keep your promotions fresh and up-to-date. Get an understanding of how social media impacts your website rankings and how to do keyword research to improve your searchability.


Session 4-Marketing Calendar and ROI Tracking: Put together a promotions calendar and get clear on who will be handling your promotions on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. Learn how you can track your marketing spend and how to spend your dollars wisely. 

Individual Coaching Sessions


Are you looking for coaching on a specific topic? Greenway also provides individual coaching either on the phone or in-person. Please contact us for pricing and to put together a personalized coaching plan for your business.

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