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Whether it be in print or online, people read the news. They want to hear from you...your ideas, innovations, and plans.

One or two good news articles in the right publications can make all the difference to a start-up. Getting the attention of important writers, bloggers and industry influencers sometimes takes time but is well worth the effort. Good press gives credibility, links and proof to your customers that you are a solid, reliable company.


Social Media keeps you in touch wih your customers, letting them know that you care about solving their problems every day.

Social media is a must have for certain demographics. Many customers are using social media every day, and your on-line social presence can help with customer service, promotions, updates as well as provide a very personal contact. In addition, it creates new links and proves opportunities to show your creativity via video, photos, and other posts. 


Email is still very relevant to certain audiences and a great way to keep your customers updated on your products and brand.

Email is still one of the most popular and reliable ways to target certain types of customers in both the B2B and B2C markets. Drip email campaigns to your prospective clients and you current customer base provide a path from introduction to loyalty with your brand. Using marketing automation tools, you can send different emails to different candidates based on their behavior (i.e. did they open the email). Customizing mail campaigns combined with A/B testing and dedicated landing pages, inform customers and provide a call-to-action for interested leads. 

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