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Attracting interested customers--those who want and need of your product or service--is both an art and a science. 

In a perfect world, your business leads soon become customers and then advocates for your product and company. But what is the best way to find these people and companies? There are many, many vehicles to choose from, all depending on your industry, target-customer sales cycle, and the quality of your product.


Examples of lead-gen tactics include: social media, emails, tradeshows, word-of-mouth, direct mail, billboards, TV, radio, Pay-per-click and banner advertising, press, partnerships, cold-calling teams. First we choose a variety of methods to reach customers. Then we test often to determine the most effective methods.


Launches are a time to make a big splash at an event, with customers, and with the press. Get creative!

Working with development and the product team, Greenway begins coordinating a product launch well in advance of the actual date. To ensure all the elements are in place when you make your announcement, a launch plan is very helpful. All collateral, website updates, press releases, social media pushes, customer testimonials, etc. etc. need to be in place ahead of time, so organization and rollout are imperative.


A well-designed customer relationship management program helps qualify potential customers and introduce them to your brand

Everyone knows today they need a sales tool to manage leads and clients. This can be a straightforward SalesForce set up so each sales person can manage their own leads. As your company grows, a marketing platform that manages leads in the nurture stage, sending them information and updates about your company can be very effective until they are qualified enough to send to the sales team.

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