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Every new business needs 
marketing outreach.  And now you don't have to do it all by yourself.

New business owners have so much to do every day, it becomes impossible to handle it all. Greenway has experience building even the smallest business or sole proprietorship. We offer affordable packages for a basic marketing plan, logo and business cards, a website, social media set up, and an email template to reach your customers.  We work with small business owners every day and are thrilled at the prospect of helping you grow your business.


Business professionals and executives benefit from a sounding board--someone to help them with their goals and objectives.

In addition to marketing services, Greenway provides executive coaching to individuals and small business owners.


Business: All business owners can benefit from a mentor, idea generator, or personal coach to help them navigate the ups and downs of starting a business. Greenway works with clients on a weekly or monthly basis to provide whatever coaching they need.


Career: Many clients begin working with Greenway while in career transition. Issues explored may include professional development, resume creation, salary negotiation, interview skills, and networking.


Speech/Presentations: For most executives, public speaking is an integral part of their career. Whether presenting to investors, customers or employees, speech coaching is an excellent way to perfect your skills. Catherine's relaxed style makes clients comfortable and willing to take risks.


Contact us to learn more about these unique offerings.


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