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Strategy and Brand are the core of any marketing. Greenway specializes in strategy and branding campaigns that represent your firm's true character and capabilities. Business and marketing plans then bring your strategy and tactics to life and put everyone on the same page.

Results-Driven Marketing for all Stages of Growth


Greenway Marketing is a full-service marketing firm, in business to help our customers build their strategy, increase their brand presence, develop leads, and close more business. Whether it is a marketing plan, a website, an email campaign, sales collateral, or social media, we combine strong messages and coordinated visual impressions to deliver the right campaign to your audience.




Depending on you audience, lead generation tactics can range from social media and email to tradeshows and cold calls. Once your lead list is developed, nurturing these leads using a customer relationship management system (CRM), keeps them engaged until they are ready to buy.


Your website is often the first impression a potential customer has of you. In addition to representing well, it also needs to help you be found in the first place. Frequent, new website content and strong SEO keep your site ranking high and customers returning.


Brand-new companies and sole proprietors need marketing too. Greenway has a marketing package for micro-business to get the ball rolling and the customers knocking. In addition, we offer one-on-one coaching for business professionals and executives, with concrete practical advice on job transitions, management, and/or running a business. 

Press and social media go hand in hand. A well-defined position and a great story that will catch the press's attention in a way that a just the facts press release may not. And social media gets your story out, to new channels and people around the globe. 



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