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The Correct Way to Transition Customers

Companies are bought and sold all the time. One of the first things the new and old owner need to do is take care of their current customers. This is in the case in every industry. As a customer, I recently had an excellent experience that I would use as a case study for how this transition should be accomplished.

My hair-dresser sold her salon last month and moved out of state. As a serious business person and one of the best stylists in the industry, her salon was at risk of losing many customers. Instead she handled each of us with a personal touch. Before she left, she wrote down specific instructions on how to handle our hair. In addition, she made a personal recommendation for the stylist to replace her. Now that she's moved, I have been to the new stylist and am completely satisfied both that I don't have to find a new place and that I received a good recommendation.

Transition accomplished.

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